Absolute Glow-Radiant Brightening Lotion
Absolute Glow-Radiant Brightening Lotion

Absolute Glow-Radiant Brightening Lotion

Absolute Glow-Radiant Lozione Illuminante

200 ml

For a clear, dazzling radiance.
A brightening lotion
to be applied after the Emulsion, that suffuses the skin with pleasant moisture.

Delivers dewy tone and glossiness to the entire face by trapping premium moisture like a highly moisturizing lotion mask while suppressing melanin production.
For skin brimming with transparency and radiance, always unwavering regardless of the state of the mind.F

AQ Brightening Care.
New brightening care from AQ, continually focused on harnessing the relationship between the skin and mind.
All in pursuit of “Absolute Radiance,” a beauty that is uniquely yours.

A blissful scent common to AQ that relaxes the mind.
A blend of scents centered on flowers such as Queen of the Night and Michelia champaca. A soothing fresh floral musky scent that is suffused with a pure elegance.

I vantaggi sulla pelle

Formulated with Quince seed extract which has exceptional water retention capabilities
Extracted from quince seeds, which grow in extremely dry regions. Delivers deep moisture and overflowing radiance with exceptional water retention effects.
In addition, SP Regulator, a compound  delivering deep moisture and  Kjic Acid, featuring all Brightening Glow-Radiant AQ products, suppress melanin production and prevent dark spots and freckles.

○ Use in the morning and evening after emulsion. 

○ Soak a cotton pad with a small amount of lotion, then pat onto the face to blend.

Active brightening ingredient ○ Kojic acid

Beauty Ingredients (Moisturizing)
○ SP regulator [Melia azadirachta leaf extract / Pancratium maritimum extract] ○ Quince seed extract ○ Chondroitin sulfate [Sodium chondroitin sulfate] ○ Double peptide [Hydrolyzed collagen / hydrolyzed black soybean extract] ○ Alginic acid [Algin] ○ White mucuna extract [Mucuna birdwoodiana stem extract] ○ White birch water [Betula platyphylla japonica juice / Betula platyphylla japonica bark extract] ○ Magnolia extract [Magnolia obovata bark extract] ○ Pau d’arco CP [Tabebuia impetiginosa bark extract / Scutellaria baicalensis root extract] ○ Callicarpa japonica fruit extract.
●    Paraben free

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